Europe Consultancy offers coaching, training and consultancy services in order to support organizations, teams and individuals from multiple cultural and professional backgrounds across five world regions, in the effective implementation of their mission, strategies and objectives.

For our in-house training programmes (classroom, online, blended), we take a holistic approach to professional development where the human being is centre-stage: beyond supporting clients in harnessing skills and behaviours in their immediate work environment, Europe Consultancy associates help their clients reach their human potential by building self-awareness, tapping into their strengths, fully using their creative resources, and developing a sense of life purpose. Experiential learning is the guiding principle of our superior quality, highly-customized “blended” training solutions. We aim for the immediate application of course participants’ new skills and knowledge in their workplace. Our course design is orientated towards their daily needs.

European Consultancy also designs, manages and delivers high quality face-to-face and/or remote coaching programmes – targeting teams, groups, and individuals – across cultures, professions, geographical regions, and languages. They can be stand-alone, or used as part of a management development training programme. In our coaching interventions for individuals and teams, we pull from diverse and evidence-based approaches from positive psychology to cultural anthropology to not so basic common sense. We work together to help them raise the bar of their performance, or integrate new leadership skills and behaviours.